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C.A. McGroarty C.A. McGroarty C.A. McGroarty

Hello and welcome to the official website of C. A. McGroarty, writer of literary fiction, music lover, converted whiskey drinker, and believer in the metaphysical world.

Stay connected with his upcoming novels, latest short stories, tributes to great American authors, interesting literary facts, music opinions and whiskey tirades...LOL. This site will be informative and fun, so be sure to keep coming back. Sign up for the monthly newsletter and in addition to all the above receive sample chapters from his next novel, Lourdes.



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Rotating Quotes

Charlie Boone, a young father battling disturbing visions, is a city bus driver on the brink of insanity. Jake Mott has spent the last three decades in a maximum security prison for killing a man in cold blood.

A leap of faith brings them together to embark on an epic journey of hope and redemption, but only one of them will live to tell about it.

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Praise for Fantastik

"Extraordinary story...will think of it for a long time and recommend it to others for its amazing plot, extraordinary characters, and insight into two troubled souls."
   —Writers Digest Judge, 23rd Annual Writers Digest Self-Pub Book Awards



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Poverty, Crime and Sin...Pittsburgh 1982

The brutal murder of two teenage girls, just a stone's throw away from the church steps has nun Rhianna Swift sleepless and transfixed on solving their murder. Dennis Cants is hand-picked as the lead detective on the double murder case until he finds himself entangled in a torrid affair that leads him to an underworld of sex for hire in the city's most depraved sections.

Unable to solve the case they so want to prove, Rhianna and Dennis will have to exorcise their own demons before justice is served for two teenage girls. Now a case gone cold, it will be eight years later when the two of them reconnect and commit to finishing what they started. What they discover will bring the city to its knees and forever change both of their lives.

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